Top Gear 2 Go sun shields are constructed from 12 layers of materials for ultimate thermal, acoustic and light performance; compliance and durability performance.

The 99% Pure Aluminium on both sides of the sun shield reflect 95% of the radiant heat back into the atmosphere. A protective coating on the exterior facing aluminium foil provides oxidisation and corrosion protection. A heat laminated air bubble core provides an exceptional barrier against conductive heat, humidity, water and vapour penetration.

A Top Gear 2 Go Sun Shield cabin set is comprised of a two part windscreen sun shield and a sun shield for the passengers door window and the drivers door window.

The windscreen sun shields are made in 2 sections with a 100mm overlap in the middle. Each section has a vertical alloy stiffening rib built into the sun shield to prevent the sun shield from collapsing in extremely hot temperatures. The reason that the windscreen sun shield is comprised of two sections is for ease of installation; particularly when electronic dashboard accessories such as GPS navigators, reversing camera screens and mobile phone holders obstruct access to the windscreen. The windscreen sun shields are installed and held into position by deploying the vehicle’s sun visors.

 The sun shields for the passengers and drivers door windows are custom made to the shape of the door window and for most vehicle make and models the side and rear window sun shields are held into position by a magnetic means of attachment.

We do not use suction cups to secure our sun shields for the following reasons:

Suction cups leave suction marks on the glass – so the inside glass needs to be cleaned regularly to remove the marks.

  1. Suction cups can lose suction - which means that the sun shields can dislodge.

  2. Suction cups can damage/remove after-market tinting from windows.

  3. Suction cups that are made from clear plastics can have a magnifying glass effect which can ignite flammable materials inside your vehicle.

  4. Suction cup sun shields take time to set up and remove.

 A Top Gear 2 Go Sun Shield Cabin Set is a user friendly product that can be installed in the cabin area by one person in less than a minute. Because they are quick and easy to install they will be used every time you stop and park your vehicle.

Top Gear 2 Go has on file a large range of standard patterns for recreational vehicles. We can custom make sun shields for non-standard or unique requirements. All you need to do is make a paper template; it's easy. Let us show you how - click here
To obtain a price and place an order on standard patterned Sun Shields,
For a quotation on non-standard Sun Shields, please contact us.

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