If you have a non-standard or unique requirement and you need to make a template you will require a measuring tape, clear sticky tape, masking tape, newspaper or brown kraft paper, marking pen and scissors.


  1. Take an oversized measurement of the area for which you wish to make a template.

  2. Lay down sheets of overlapping newspaper to the size of the oversized measurement that you took.

  3. Using clear sticky tape, tape together the overlapping joins on both sides of the paper to form a matrix. Note: If you use brown kraft paper it may be large enough for your template, in which case disregard steps 2 and 3.

  4. Tack the matrix into position using masking tape.

  5. Trace the image of the area you require onto your paper matrix using a marking pen. You may have to lightly press the paper matrix “to find” or “feel” the shape as you trace the image.

  6. Remove masking tape and template from the subject area and clean up the shape by trimming to leave OVERSIZE.

  7. Fold up your template and mail to:

    Top Gear 2 Go
    PO Box 224,
    Mudgeeraba, QLD, 4213
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