Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will Freight Cost?

Freight cost depends on your postcode, and the weight of the items in your shopping cart. The only way we can give you an accurate freight cost is when you go to the checkout. Going to the checkout does not oblige you to buy, but going to the checkout brings all of the elements together necessary to give you an itemised quote including freight.

GST Pricing

For Australian customers all prices quoted include a 10% Goods and Services Tax. Business customers should retain our tax invoice/receipt if an income tax credit is to be claimed. Export orders do not attract GST. Although GST is shown in prices, it will be removed at the payment page.

Returns Policy

At Top Gear 2 Go we are committed to offering the very best quality in spare parts and accessories for your recreational vehicle experience. Our quality control inspections ensure that every item that leaves our premises is manufactured to the highest standard. If you have received an item that is not as described or received an item that you believe is defective please contact us immediately by email with details. If we are unable to provide a satisfactory solution, we will gladly exchange, replace or refund. Goods for return must be received by us within 14 days of your email advice to us. Proof of purchase should be included with any item for return or exchange. We will not accept returned goods that have been damaged, marked, soiled or used. Refunds will only be given when the goods are received in good order and unused condition by Top Gear 2 Go. Refunds are issued in the same tender as the original purchase (for example: if you paid with Visa, you will get a credit on your Visa account). Please note that you are responsible for postage/freight costs on returned goods.

Why Do You Ask That Confirmation Measurements Be Taken For Insect Screen And Sun Shield Products?

Recreational vehicles can be modified by previous owners, be repaired with parts from a previous model or fitted with aftermarket accessories such as sun roofs or windows installed in the panel work. Some vehicles were marketed with window options within the same model year. The measurements are merely to confirm that you receive the correct product for your particular vehicle. The confirmation measurements should not take more than a couple of minutes of your time - Happy Measuring!

Can I Drive With The Insect Screens On?

Motor Traffic regulations require externally attached Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens be removed for driving. Under heavy braking conditions, whilst your vehicle will stop, your Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens may not.

Is It Possible To Install Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens On The Inside Of My Vehicle?

No problems provided your vehicle presents with an unobstructed metal surface on the inside surrounding the window opening. If not, Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens can still be installed on the inside of your vehicle by installing a magnetic sub-frame that is held into place using an industrial grade double sided tape. The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen is then magnetically attached to the sub-frame.

My Bus Conversion Has Window Frames Made Out Of Aluminium Alloy. Will Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens Attach To My Vehicles Window Frames?

Although Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens will only attach directly to ferrous metal surfaces, they can still be used with non ferrous alloy surfaces (and other surfaces) by employing a part A magnetic sub-frame which is held into position with an industrial grade double sided tape. The part B Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen frame is magnetically attracted to the part A sub-frame.

Do You Make Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens For Toyota Coaster Buses?

Yes, Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens are made for Toyota Coaster buses. The most popular installation method is to install the screens on the outside of the vehicle. To install the screens on the inside of the vehicle requires modification or replacement of the window latch.

How Do I Purchase Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens?

There are three steps involved in buying your Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens. STEP1: Measure your windows. STEP 2: Complete the electronic order form. STEP 3: Purchase your order online.

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Order From When I Place It?

Usually, your order will be processed within 5-7 working days.

How Do You Pack And Despatch My Order?

Each Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen is packed in a 90mm mailing cylinder. This cylinder is also the storage container for your insect screen when not in use. Your Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens are mailed to you through Australia Post.

Can I Close The Back Door Of My Vehicle When The Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly Is Installed?

When properly installed the back door of your vehicle can be closed over the top of your Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly.

Will The Installed Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly Allow Me To Exit The Tailgate Opening Of My Vehicle During An Emergency?

Yes, the Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly is held into place by an elastic shock cord. By pushing out on the Insect Screen, the elastic cord will stretch under pressure and pop off.

How Are The Sun Shields Held Into Place?

For the front windscreen just unfold the Sun Shield and position across the windscreen surface; then fold down the sun visors to hold the Sun Shield in place. The side and rear window sun shields are held into place employing various methods including hook and loop fasteners, suction caps or ties, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Do The Sun Shields Offer Total Privacy?

When installed correctly the Sun Shields offer total privacy. As the Sun Shields are of the accordion folding design, the Sun Shields are made marginally oversize in the width to compensate for the tendency to “take up” in the fold line.

What Effect Will The Sun Shields Have On The Interior Temperature Of My Vehicle?

A full set of Sun Shields will deal with the radiant heat that enters the glass areas of your vehicle by reflecting 97% back into the outside atmosphere from where it came. As a direct result you could expect temperatures inside your vehicle to be substantially reduced. Additionally, in cooler weather, the Sun Shields work in reverse, by maintaining the warmer temperatures that are inside your vehicle by preventing loss of heat through the glassed areas.