Toyota Coaster - 30 Series

Insect Screens for Window Openings:

The 30 Series Toyota Coaster has window frames with radius corners.

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for HZB30 Series Toyota Coasters magnetically attach to the ferrous metal body panels surrounding the alloy window frame.

The standard Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen will fit any one of five windows and is made to a size to screen a window 141cm wide x 73cm deep. the significance of this is that it is not necessary to order screens for every standard size window because the Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen is easy to move from one window to another window to take advsntage of the breeze.

Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens are also available for the front left side (passenger) window and the front right side (drivers door) window.

Insect Screens for door openings:

Plug Door Insect Screen.

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for the Toyota Coaster Plug Door Opening (70cm wide x 170cm high) is comprised of three overlapping mesh panels secured internally at the head of the door opening in a flush fitting track.

Flexible Magnet provides the seal down each side and between the overlapping mesh panels. The bottom seal is provided by a combination of flexible magnet and hook and loop fastener.

Entry into and out of the vehicle is simply a matter of moving through the insect screen panels. The screen will return to its closed and sealed position after you have moved through the overlapping mesh panels.

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for the Plug Door is installed inside the vehicle and can be left in place without interfering with the manual operation of the door.

If you need to totally remove the Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for cleaning or storage it is easy to do and will take less than 20 seconds.

The remote electric swing arm does need to be disconnected but most plug door Coaster owners have done this already.

The Plug Door insect screen is available in kit form and is very simple to install - all the fixtures and fittings are supplied or we can install the insect screen for you at our premises on the Gold Coast for a small installation cost.


Concertina Door Insect Screen.

A Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for external installation on the concertina door opening is comprised of two overlapping mesh panels fixed at the head in a track. The overlapping panels are sealed the full length by a two part magnetic fastener. The perimeter seal is provided by flexible magnet for the full length of each side. the bottom seal is provided by flexible magnet.

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for the Concertina door opening must be removed for driving and can be loosely rolled up for storage.

Sun Shields for Thermal Protection and Privacy.

Sun Shields are available for internal installation to the windsreen only or as a cabin set (for the windscreen and also the passenger and drivers door windows).

Sun Shields can also be made for the rear window or any other window in the Coaster.

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