Suzuki APV

The Suzuki APV was launched in 2005 as the successor to the Suzuki SK410 Carry Van. The Indonesian made Suzuki APV is an ideal runabout van that doubles as a budget campervan.

Products available for the Suzuki APV include insect screening solutions, solar screening solutions and a rear annexe.

Insect Screens for Window Openings

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen attaches externally to the ferrous metal body panels that surrounds the window frame. The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen rolls up for storage in a tube or can be stored flat under the mattress.

Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens are available for the following window openings:

1. Passenger Door Window Opening. Installed externally. Cannot be installed if a weather shield is fitted to the passenger door window opening.
2. Drivers Door Window Opening. Installed externally. A mirror reverse of the passenger door insect screen. Cannot be installed if a weather shield is fitted to the drivers door.
3. Right Side Centre window. Installed externally. Provides a 100 % seal to the window opening.
4. Left Side Centre Window. Installed externally. Provides a 100% seal to the window opening.

Insect Screen for the Tailgate Opening

Two options are available to screen the rear opening:

Option 1: The Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly is a non magnetic insect screening product that is held in position by an elastic fastening device and provides a 100% seal against insect pest entry via the tailgate opening. The Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly requires 6 rope hooks to be installed outboard of the pinch weld rubber seal and supports the elastic shock cord. This product is an insect screen only and whilst providing for access to drawers and cabinets via the tailgate does not provide for occupant access or exit except in an emergency.

Option 2: Rear Opening Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen is comprised of three overlapping mesh panels. The vertical and top perimeter seal is provided by a track system. The bottom seal is provided by a combination of rare earth magnet for the base of the centre panel and hook and loop fastener for the base of the outer panels.The centre panel magnetically seals against the outer panels.  The rear opening Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen can remain installed permanently and can be removed for cleaning in under 30 seconds. When insects are not an issue the centre panel can be rolled up and secured at the top of the door opening to provided unobstructed access.

Sun Shields for Thermal Protection and Privacy

Sun Shields are available for internal installation to the windscreen only, or optionally, as a cabin set (includes the windscreen and also the passenger and drivers door windows). Sun Shields are also available for every other window in the Suzuki APV.

Rear Annexe for Suzuki APV

Top Gear 2 Go presents a Rear Annexe for the Suzuki APV that is throw over type van tent for the rear opening of campervans that have an awning style rear door that is hinged at the top.
The rear annexe provides an extension to the vehicles interior that facilitates multiple use as a *Storage Room, *Privacy Room, *Changing Room, *Shower Room, *Room for a Portable Toilet, *Kitchen, *Undercover Sleeping Area, and for those who travel with pets - a pet enclosure.
Similar products available in the marketplace are made from heavyweight canvas that is difficult for even 2 people to install and is very bulky when packed down. By comparison the roof and wall components of the Top Gear 2 Go rear annexe is manufactured from a lightweight *Rip Stop *Polyester Fabric or a lightweight Rip Stop Canvas. The product is easily installed by one person and it packs down to a very manageable size for storage.
The unique method of attaching the roof and walls that fit over the vehicle body is provided by a magnetic means of attachment. The magnetic means of attachment eliminates the need to drill holes and attach hooks in the roof skin of the vehicle and also facilitates in the installation of the structure.
When the leading edge of the annexe structure is magnetically attached to the roof and sides of the vehicle and the rear door of the vehicle is opened the annexe structure takes its shape and forms the room. The base perimeter of the structure is then fixed to the ground with tent pegs.
The Top Gear 2 Go Rear Annexe for the Suzuki APV is custom made for the vehicle and is available with a number of add on options.

Please refer to Rear Annexe for Campervans under the OUR PRODUCTS section for further particulars.

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