Renault Master X62 Series

The Renault Master X62 Series was released in Australia in September 2011.

The country of origin of the Renault Master is France. the Renault Master X62 series dominates the European Van community.

Products available for the Renault Master include insect screening solutions for all openings, custom made sun shields/privacy screens and a light weight magnetic awning for the rear door area.

Insect Screens for Window Openings:

Magnetic insect screens are vailable for external installation to the driver and passenger door windows where weather shields are not installed. The insect screens must be removed for driving and they roll up for storage in a tube.

To maximize flow through ventilation in your Renault Master Motorhome the best combination is Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens installed on the passenger and driver door window openings in combination with a tailgate opening magnetic Insect Screen.

Insect Screen for Sliding Door Opening:

The sliding door opening is nominally 1340mm wide x 1780mm high.

 A  Magnetic Insect Screen for the sliding door opening is comprised of two or three mating mesh panels secured internally at the top of the door opening in a track. Rare earth magnets provide for a continuous seal down each side of the opening. The option of zippers or a magnets are available for the seal between the mating panels. The bottom seal is also provided by a magnetic means.

 The insect screen can be easily removed and installed by sliding the insect screens rope track into the fixed track.

 Because the top front end sliding door runner returns inside the vehicle we have designed a top track assembly that fits under the door runner to provide for the door runner to move through its full travel when opening and closing the door. The space above the top track assembly is sealed with a mesh panel assembly.

When using the magnetic insect screen, entry into and exit out of your vehicle is simply a matter of breaking the magnetic seal and moving through the insect screen exit panel. The insect screen will return to its closed and sealed position after you have moved through the mesh exit/entry panel. The product provides an effective seal against insect entry.  For the  magnetic version of the insect  screen it is not necessary to kneel on the floor to open the zippers, to open the screen. The magnetic insect screen can be opened whilst standing, which is good for people with knee, hip or back problems or arthritis. For the zippered version of the insect screen you will need to kneel to start off the zippers.

 When insects are not an issue the exit panel can be rolled up on the inside aspect of the insect screen and secured at the top of the sliding door opening with the ties provided. The insect screen can also be magnetically attached to the outside of the sliding door or passenger door to provide an unobstructed entry when loading the vehicle.

This product is also available in a zippered version.

 Insect Screen for Tailgate Opening: 

The rear opening is nominally 1585mm wide at the widest point and 1850mm high.

A  Magnetic Insect Screen for the tailgate opening is comprised of three mating mesh panels secured internally at the head of the door opening in a track. The seal for the left and right side vertical perimeters is also provided by a fixed tracking system.

The continuous seal between the three mating mesh panels is provided by rare earth magnets  that runs for the full depth of the insect screen. The bottom seal is provided in part by hook and loop fastener and in part by a magnetic means.

The centre panel of the tailgate insect screen can be rolled up out of the way and held in place with the ties that are attached to the top of the insect screen.

The tailgate opening Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen can be easily removed for cleaning and/or storage and reinstalled by sliding the insect screens perimeter into the fixed tracking system.

Entry into and out of the tailgate of your vehicle is simply a matter of breaking the magnetic seal of the centre panel by pushing on the mesh and moving through the mating mesh panels. The product is robust and provides an effective barrier against insect entry. 

Sun Shields for Thermal Protection and Privacy:

Sun Shields are available separately for internal installation to the windscreen only, or optionally, as a cabin set (includes windscreen, and also the passenger and drivers door windows). Sun shields are also available for the barn door windows.

Sun Shields can also be made for any other window or hatch in your vehicle. Please email us 
with the dimensions of the windows for a quote.

Lightweight Awning for Rear of Vehicle:

A lightweight awning that provides protection to the rear of the vehicle between the opened rear barn doors enhances the comfort of your motorhome.
The lightweight rear awning is manufactured from a rip-stop canvas and attaches over the metal body panels of the vehicle. No fixtures or fittings are required to be installed onto the exterior of your vehicle. The rear awning attaches to the exterior body panels by a magnetic means of attachment.

The rear awning is an excellent accessory to maximise the benefits of the tailgate opening insect screen.

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