Rear Annexe for Campervans

Top Gear 2 Go presents a Rear Annexe for campervans that is throw over type van tent for the rear opening of campervans that have an awning style rear door that is hinged at the top.

The rear annexe provides an extension to the vehicles interior that facilitates multiple use as a *Storage Room, *Privacy Room, *Changing Room, *Shower Room, *Room for a Portable Toilet, *Kitchen, *Undercover Sleeping Area, and for those who travel with pets - a pet enclosure.

Similar products available in the marketplace are made from heavyweight canvas that is difficult for even 2 people to install and is very bulky when packed down. By comparison the roof and wall components of the Top Gear 2 Go rear annexe is manufactured from a lightweight *Rip Stop *Polyester Fabric. The product is easily installed by one person and it packs down to a very manageable size for storeage.
The unique method of attaching the roof and walls that fit over the vehicle body is provided by a magnetic means of attachment. The magnetic means of attachment eliminates the need to drill holes and attach hooks in the roof skin of the vehicle and also facilitates in the installation of the structure.

When the leading edge of the annexe structure is magnetically attached to the roof and sides of the vehicle and the rear door of the vehicle is opened the annexe structure takes its shape and forms the room. The base perimeter of the structure is then fixed to the ground with tent pegs.

The Top Gear 2 Go Rear Annexe for Campervans is custom made for each make and model of vehicle and is available with a number of add on options.

The Standard Rear Annexe is comprised of the roof and three wall components that forms the main structure. One zippered window with an insect screen is incorporated into the rear wall and a zippered door is incorporated into the left side wall.

Zippered window with an insect screen is incorporated into the right side wall.
Full length zippered insect screen for the left side zippered door.
Flooring system that includes a vertical wall that seals from the rear bumper to the floor. The floor can be ordered separately at a later date.

About Rip Stop Fabrics:
Rip stop fabrics are woven fabrics using a reinforcing technique that makes the fabric resistant to tearing and ripping. The thick reinforcing threads are interwoven at intervals in a cross hatch pattern into the lightweight fabric thus producing a three dimensional structure. Rip Stop fabric presents an excellent strength to weight ratio where small tears cannot easily spread.

Rip Stop fabrics are used in yacht sails, hot air balloons, parachutes, battle dress uniforms, sports clothing, backpacks and luggage bags.

About Polyester Fabrics:
Polyester fabrics are extremely strong and durable. Polyester is difficult to tear and resistant to fraying. Polyester is also resistant to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, Polyester is water resistant and hydrophobic (repels water when water comes into contact with it).

Polyester is a highly versatile fabric that is resistant to stretching or shrinking.

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