Peugeot Expert G9P Series

Peugeot Australia released the Peugeot Expert into the Australian marketplace in September, 2008.

The Peugeot Expert was voted the International Van of the year in 2008.

Particularly appealing to the campervan industry is the generous load area this vehicle offers.

Products available for the Peugeot Expert include insect screening solutions and solar screening solutions.

Insect Screens for Window Openings:

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen attaches externally to the ferrous metal body panels that surrounds the window frame. The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen rolls up for storage in a tube or can be stored flat under the mattress.

Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens are available for the following window openings:

1. Passenger Door Window (Front Left). For external installation on windows that are not fitted with a weathershield.
2. Drivers Door Window (Front Right). For external installation on windows that are not fitted with a weathershield.

Insect Screen for the Sliding Door Opening:

The sliding door opening is nominally100cm wide x 130cm high.

Because the sliding door upper support arm returns to a track located  at the head of the door opening inside the vehicle the Peugeot Expert requires a special sealing mechanism to accomodate the travel of the support arm as the sliding door is opened and closed.

The track that supports the Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen for the sliding door is attached to an alloy rectangular section that is positioned 25mm below the top of the door opening for the full width of the opening. The 25mm x 1000mm slot provides for the forward and reverse travel of the upper support arm as the door is opened and closed. A self sealing device provides for a substantial seal closing around the swing arm in its various positions.

The Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen component is comprised of two overlapping mesh panels secured internally in a track 25mm below the top of the door opening. Flexible magnet provides the seal down each side of the opening and between the overlapping mesh panels. The bottom seal is also provided by a flexible magnetic fastener.

Entry into and exit out of the vehicle is simply a matter of pushing against the mesh to break the magnetic seal and then moving through the overlapping mesh panels. When insects are not an issue one half of the width of the insect screen can be slid out of the track and folded back and secured against the other half of the screen to provide one half of the door opening with an unobstructed thoroughfare.

The sliding door insect screen can be totally removed in around 10 to 15 seconds for cleaning and is just as easy to reinstall. When the sliding door insect screen is not required it can be easily removed for storage using the optional storage hanger.

The sliding door insect Screen is an effective barrier against insect entry.

Insect Screen for the Tailgate Opening:

Two options are available to screen the tailgate opening:

Option 1: The Flexible Magnetic Tailgate Insect Screen is comprised of three overlapping mesh panels that are held in an internally fitted track at the top of the rear opening. A two part flexible magnetic fastener seals the centre panel against the two outer panels for the full depth of the opening. The vertical perimeter seals are provided by a track system. When insects are not an issue the centre panel can be rolled up and tied at the top of the door opening.

Option 2: The Tailgate Insect Screen Assembly is a non magnetic insect screening product  that is held in place by an elastic fastening device and provides a 100% seal  against insect pest entry to the tailgate opening. The tailgate is nominally 127cm wide x 130cm high. This product is an insect screen only and whilst accomodating access to storage areas and cabinets normally accessed via the tailgate opening does not provide for occupant access except in an emergency.

Sun Shields for Thermal Protection & Privacy:

Sun Shields are available for internal installation to the windscreen only or as a cabin set (for the windscreen and also the passenger and drivers door windows). 

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