Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen sub-frame

If your Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen is to be installed on an alloy surface or any other non-ferrous surface you will require a flexible magnetic sub-frame (refer to FAQ's).

The sub-frame is supplied with an industrial grade double-sided tape already fixed to the flexible magnet. Just peel away the backing paper and install the sub-frame - too easy! Your flexible Magnetic Insect Screen then magnetically attaches to the sub-frame.

The length of sub-frame magnet that you require will be the sum total of the outside perimeter of your Flexible Magnetic Insect Screen. viz: for a screen 120cm wide x 65cm deep you will need 2 lengths x 120cm plus 2 lengths x 65cm = 370cm.

Select the number of centimetres you need when ordering.

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