Curtains & Accessories for Motorhomes, Campervans and Boats

We offer custom made curtains and accessories to fit your vehicles windows. You choose the fabric from our range, select your accessories, provide your measurements and we will make your curtains and send them to you by registered mail or by courier.

Custom made curtains for your recreational vehicle provides privacy, and (subject to fabric selection) blocks out outside light, provides thermal insulation and sound insulation.

If you visit our premises on the Gold Coast we can install the curtain track, the curtains and other accessories for you.

Curtains can be made for the side windows, tailgate windows and windscreen and curtains can also be made for the entire tailgate opening and other large areas inside your vehicle.

About the Fabrics

Fabrics with thermal blockout present with colour, texture and pattern on one side and a plain white thermal blockout on the other side.

Various grades of fabric blockout are available and our range includes fabrics with a 60% blockout and 100% blockout. The greater the percentage of blockout the more effective are the properties of the fabric at providing thermal and sound insulation and in blocking out the light.

We also carry a range of fabrics without thermal blockout for internal divider curtains in large vehicles.

You can click on the link below to view a PDF of our range of fabrics and accessories. If you would like to see an actual sample of a fabric please email: contact us with your postal details and we will mail a fabric sample to you.

About the Curtains

The curtains for campervans and motorhomes are generally not made with a gather (unless specified) because gathered curtains are too bulky when opened and tied back. Also, when the curtain is closed it should fit as flush as possible to the window for effective thermal insulation, noise insulation and to block out the light.

When the curtains are installed it is the coloured/textured/patterned side that faces inside the vehicle and the plain white thermal side that faces towards the outside of the vehicle. It is the plain side that provides the insulation barrier to protect the occupants, fixtures and fittings inside whilst stopping the curtains from fading.

About the Complete Curtain Kit

No more hassles trying to source the necessary components from a multitude of suppliers. The Top Gear 2 Go complete curtain kit brings together all of the necessary components to provide an easy to install curtain kit.

The complete curtain kit is comprised of the following:

1. Mini glide clear anodised aluminium curtain track and attach hardware.
2. Flat runners and nylon UV stabilised curtain hooks.
3. PVC coated expanding wire and attach hardware (to secure bottom of curtains against window when closed).
4. The Curtains.
5. Curtain tie-backs

If you do not require a complete kit you can order only the required components.

Curtain Fabrics and Accessories

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