Cassette Insect Screening System for Vehicles

The system is comprised of two parts:

The first part is a quality extruded aluminium cassette and running track that supports and contains the insect screening mesh within a rectangular frame opening. Adapted from a system originally designed to screen French and Bi-fold doors and verandahs in homes, we have replaced some of the components to suit the demanding requirements of the motorhome environment.

The second part is comprised of our patented Flexible Magnetic Insect Screens for Vehicles to take up the void between the insect screen door frame and the compound shapes around the vehicle door opening including cabinets and other fixtures that may protrude into the opening.

The system is only available in kit form for basic installations. More complex installations need to be installed by us at our premises on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Cassette Insect Screening System is available as a Roll-away installation (opening from one side to the other) or as a roll-up installation (opening from bottom to top). The size of the insect screen door opening is only limited by the geometry of the vehicle opening and the fixtures that may protrude into the opening.

Two mesh options are available for the Cassette Insect Screening System. Mozzie mesh has an aperture size of 1.0mm x 0.9mm and presents a shade factor of 58%. Midgee mesh has an aperture size 0.6mm x 0.6mm and presents a shade factor of 64%.

The Roll-away version does require the installation of a bottom track that is 25mm to 30mm in height just inside the leading edge of the step. A floating step tread can be installed flush with the top of the bottom track.

The price range, including installation, is $500 to $1000 and is subject to a number of variables including the make and model of vehicle, the dimensions of the door opening, the fixtures and fittings that protrude into the door opening and the mesh option selected.

Talk to us about your vehicle's door opening configuration and we can provide you with a pricing estimate. Email: contact us

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