Mosquito Net - Throw Over Type

A throw over type mosquito net is an important component in any mosquito prevention strategy (See mosquito article on our website News page date 23rd September, 2005).

Available in a number of sizes or custom sewn to suit your particular application our throw over Polyester fibre mosquito net presents with a high tear strength, is lightweight, damp resistant and long lasting.

To ensure a good nights sleep and to minimumise your risk of being infected by a debilitating mosquito borne virus our throw over type mosquito netting is a must have item.

These throw over nets can be used in a wide variety of applications including covering the back of your ute, boat, box trailer, campervan or motorhome awning, hung from a tree or strung between two trees, throw over a beach umbrella, carport or to cover a garage door opening. The versatility of this net allows using it to cover any odd shaped structure.

The Throw Over Mosquito Net packs down to a small size and fits into the stuff bag provided for easy storage in your 4 wheel drive, campervan or motorhome.


  • Manufactured from extremely durable Polyester netting

  • Sturdy Polyester reinforced seams

  • Border finished all round with rugged 20mm Polyester binding tape

  • Loops provided every 500mm all round and across the seams

  • Stuff Bag included

  • Protects against Ross River Virus, Barmah Forest Virus, Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus and Kunjin Virus

Net Specifications:

  • 100% Polyester Mesh Fabric (UV Stabilized)

  • 35 holes per square centimetre

  • Standard Sizes: 2 x 4 metres(490 grams), 2 x 6 metres(670 grams), 2 x 8 metres (850 grams), 4 x 4 metres (850 grams)

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